Rooting For Everyone Black With Plants! 

“Rooting For Everyone Black With Plants” “Proud Black Plant Parent” Where it all began! The originator of “those black pots”. Rootedinblk is a company that creates conversational and meaningful plant pots and stationary centering black themes, African American history and popular culture.

Our mission is to inspire more representation and engagement of all black people outside of typical spaces, specifically in the home gardening space, which centers healing, wellness, joy and positive self affirmation.

Where The Personal + Home Garden Meets The Political.

We honor ourselves, our ancestors and our plants. Our pots are not just another consumer product or a hustle, we are innovative, dope and woke at the same time. All items are conceived and handmade with every bit of intent.

We want all black folks, especially those in the margins with home gardens to enhance the aesthetic and essence of their space with minimalist yet provocative plant decor that speaks to US and our collective contributions to both history and the present.

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Our sensational pots for black plant parents have been featured in many major news and media publications.